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What is your pricing for infants ?

     5 days - $375/week

What is your pricing for toddlers ?

     5 days - $325/week

What is your pricing for preschool/ Pre-K ?

School day | 7:00am- 3:00pm: $250/ week (8 hrs)

Aftercare |7:00pm-5:30pm: $275/ week  (10 hrs MAX) 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Fees for 2023 

Enrollment Deposit: 1 weeks worth of tuition payment 

·    *If a 2 weeks written notice of withdrawal from BCCP is provided to the Center Director, then the enrollment deposit will be credited towards the student's last week of tuition. If withdrawal does not meet the two week notice requirement, the enrollment deposit will not be applied to the last weeks tuition nor refunded. No exceptions. 


Annual Registration Fee for all students: $100 per child. 

     *This covers supplies and activities for children for the school year.

     * Months: September- May.   

     * This is For all ages enrolled in BCCP. 


 Annual Summer Camp Activity Fee: $100 for summer 2023.  

       * Months: June-August 

       * This is for our toddler one program- Pre-K programs enrolled in BCCP. 



How much is the annual registration fee?

     The registration fee is a nonrefundable fee of $100 per child.


What is included in the registration fee?

     This registration fee gives you a personal access code to that is linked to our Brightwheel check-in system. This is how we will know exactly who is in the building at all times. This also covers supplies and any special activities we will have throughout the year. 



What is the difference between the daycare rooms and preschool rooms?


The main difference between our daycare and preschool program is the pricing and curriculum. The preschool curriculum is taught starting at 9am for those looking just for the preschool experience and finishes up at 3:00pm. A daily schedule is provided for each classroom so parents can choose the hours they would like their child at the center based on their needs.


What is the teacher to child ratio?

Teacher to student ratio is different per classroom and is dependent on age.

  • Infant 1:4

  • 1 Year 1:5

  • 2 Year 1:6

  • 3+ 1:10

Teacher Criteria 

What criteria do you require of the teachers?

     State requirements for a childcare center are as follows:

     Group Supervisor – Degree is Early Education or similar.

     Assistant – High school degree and minimum of 1 year experience.

     Aide – High school diploma

     Guidelines indicate that 50% of staff can be of the aide level. At Bensalem Child Care Center and Preschool we take our time with staffing to ensure much higher standards. All teachers are qualified as either Group Supervisors or Assistant Group Supervisors with many years of experience. We encourage parents to get to know their children’s teachers and to check out our  ‘Meet Our Teachers’  tab on our website.

What clearances are needed to work at the center?

     All state and federal clearances are needed to work at the center along with mandated reporter training, physical and TB tests. The majority of our staff has been trained in CPR and First Aid of children.


What security features does your center provide?

     Security is a top priority at the center. Each room is equipped with cameras. To enter our facility, you must ring the bell and be let in by a staff member. This allows us to know exactly who is in the building at all times. Every family must fill out proper forms for authorized pick up people.  You must also sign your child in and out on the iPad with a separate code.

What if I need someone to pick up my child that isn't on the designated pick up list? 

     You will bring in a written letter stating who will be picking up your child. That person will need to bring an ID to present before releasing your child into their care. The name and address on the ID must match the name and address provided to the center.  

Are you a nut free facility?

     We are a peanut free facility. In the new member paperwork, please provide any allergies your child has so we can keep specific ones out of the classroom.

Is food provided?

      Parents are responsible for drinks, snacks and lunch at the center. As well as providing appropriate size fork and spoon for child per meal. We require each child to come to school with a pre-filled water cup that we will refill throughout the day. As well as enough drink cups/drinks needed for each snack/meal time. 

We will microwave food that is already pre-cooked and is in a microwaveable container, separate than food that is not to be heated. NO EASY MAC. 

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